Navigating Challenging Months and Rebuilding Trust

Dear valued customers,

As a small business dedicated to providing high-quality glass grommets for cars, we understand the importance of reliable service and clear communication. This past five months have been particularly challenging, and we owe you an explanation for the delays and disruptions many of you have experienced. Your trust and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we want to share the reasons behind these issues and the steps we have taken to resolve them.

Supply Chain Challenges

In December 2023, we faced a significant challenge when our supplier increased the minimum order quantity for the small printed aluminum tubes we use for our special glue cartridges. These tubes are essential as the sealant glue they contain seals the tube after we fill it. Unfortunately, the sealant has a limited shelf life, and ordering large quantities would have led to wastage as the glue would not stick if the tubes were stored for too long.

Finding a suitable replacement for these tubes was not easy. We tested various options from different suppliers, which took time. It wasn’t until mid-April that we found a reliable alternative. Throughout this period, we communicated on our website, email headers, and the product pages that this items where out of stock. Despite our efforts, orders continued to come in, and customers expected timely deliveries. The products where marked as sold out since January 2024.

Increased Support Requests

The delays led to a significant increase in support requests. The volume of calls and emails was overwhelming, and we struggled to keep up. We then also made some mistakes while processing orders on 20th to 22nd of april where orders where marked as shipped but didn’t got labled right so the systems was showing „sent“ to us but orders didnt got through. I resend all orders that I found related to this date and today a took a look a second time making sure we did catch all of them. Many customers were understandably frustrated, and we faced numerous complaints. To prevent further misunderstandings, we decided to temporarily suspend PayPal as a payment option, as we did not want to give the impression that we were taking money without delivering products. PayPal is up and running since today.

Personal Challenges

On a personal note, the first half of the year also brought its own set of challenges. With many private matters to attend to, it became increasingly difficult to manage everything in a timely manner. While I did my best to address all issues, it was simply too much to handle alone.

Resolution and Moving Forward

I am pleased to share that as of today, we have resolved the final issues with the production of our glass grommets. We will be fully restocked in the first week of June, and all pending orders will be processed promptly.

To those who have experienced delays and frustration, I offer my sincerest apologies. We are committed to making things right. If you wish to request a refund, we will process it immediately, no questions asked. Our goal is to restore your trust and ensure that your experience with our company is a positive one moving forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. We are deeply grateful for your support and are dedicated to providing the excellent service and high-quality products you expect from us.



All BACK in STOCK 1st week of june


Hi there… we managed to get everything back in stock. Refill will be next week on Monday and shipments start on Wednesday. Be quick as we are limited in production right now especially regarding the new glue and have a little backlog as well. Thank you for your patience…