The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai describes a “modern age” with its brand name and focuses on future sustainability. So do we, with our premium glass plugs for a clean rear end. The high-quality material of our plugs is particularly durable and also enables easy assembly.
This rear wiper cover for many Hyundai is: 100% glassWe manufacture each wiper hole plug from a glass core ourselves! The raw material (float) is exactly the same as that used by the manufacturer. Easy assembly The CNC-milled glass covers for the wiper hole are extremely precise. This makes installation in the rear window particularly easy, very little adhesive is used and an extremely long service life is achieved. You can also find comprehensive assembly instructions and examples at Perfect result Each plug is coated black on the back. This achieves the same reflection and depth effect that can also be seen on the edge of the pane. The thickness is precisely matched to the thickness of the rear window and the amount of adhesive to be used. The result is an almost seamless, flat transition to the pane surface and thus a perfectly clean look.

The diameter of our original glass stoppers are different depending on the vehicle and model as well as the year of manufacture. Please use the filter function to find the right article for your car …

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