Removal of the wiper on the Volkswagen Golf mk6.
The whole process can be divided into three parts: removal of windscreen wiper, wiper motor removal and installation of a grommet.
A.Remove the wiper.
Tilt up and remove the wiper arm protective cap.
Unscrew the nut M10. Tilt the wiper arm up and move in different directions. As a result, the wiper loosens off the motor shaft cone.
Remove the wiper arm.
2.Remove the wiper motor
Disable the battery.
Open the rear door and remove the plastic trim on the inside of the boot.
To do this, unscrew the two Torx T20 in the recesses of handles.
Using a wedge, pop the 8 clips to remove the inside liner. Remove the liner from the back door.
We see the wiper motor.
Disconnect the wiper motor connector.
Use plastic clips to secure the vacant wire.

Next, unscrew the screws and carefully remove the wiper motor out the boot.
3.Install a grommet.
Using a glass sealer, following the directions on the package.
Sticking the plug into the hole until the setting, alignment position. We wait until the sealant dreis.Putting facing back. Enjoy the clean look of the car! Damn clean baby!