Authenticity of ratings

The ratings below some products are automated by our system 30 days after the status / shipping status “Completed” requested by the corresponding customers and made voluntarily.

Since we offer glass stoppers in a set with glue and cleaner, the evaluation can only relate to a part of the current view, because usually only the glass stopper is evaluated and not the adhesive set. This means under the glass plug set for Audi you will find reviews of the other variants that are available for Audi(glass plug 01 and glass plug 02). In addition, the ratings can be stored in multiple languages, which means that the same item can have different ratings in other languages.

If there is no rating below the item, none has been entered by our customers yet.

Only users who have purchased this item are also entitled to enter a rating. This is systemically matched with the user account.

If you have any further questions, feel free to check out how we ask for ratings and what things are important here.

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All BACK in STOCK 1st week of june


Hi there… we managed to get everything back in stock. Refill will be next week on Monday and shipments start on Wednesday. Be quick as we are limited in production right now especially regarding the new glue and have a little backlog as well. Thank you for your patience…