How does one come up with the idea of removing the rear wiper and making a product out of it?

Stefan, the founder of gecleant.de, invented the rear wiper covers for the rear window in 2007 because he also wanted to achieve a clean rear view for his cleaned VW Golf and therefore removed the wiper in the rear window. Looks a lot better right away. The first cleaning plugs were made of aluminum and painted by hand. After a short time, many well-known people from the tuning scene (e.g. the VAGBOARD) also wanted a wiper cleaning plug. gecleant.de was founded and the first products were developed.

Why are gecleant.de glass stoppers better than copies?

After the first plugs made of aluminum were already quite good – better than inserts made of rubber or plastic – they had a big disadvantage: they are very noticeable because they reflect sunlight differently and have no depth effect. For the best result, the wiper hole plug should ideally be made of the same material as the rear window around the wiper hole. This made the change from aluminum covers to glass plugs for the wiper hole in the rear window clear. It’s just not easy at all, because glass isn’t as easy to work with as plastic or metal. For this reason gecleant.de has a utility model protection for the production of the wiper hole plug from a piece of glass. Competitors’ copies are all made from two discs glued together. This makes the production process simpler and more cost-effective, but carries the risk that the splice will leak (condensate) and discoloration will form over time. The depth effect is also different because the visible pane is not deep enough. Some alternative providers even use plastic, which again leads to the problem of reflections, and plastic also scratches easily.

Why does the gecleant.de wiper perforated oven cost more?

Our glass stopper costs 25 euros incl. worldwide shipping. Including the adhesive set for 10 euros then only 35 euros.

Plastic rear wiper covers are usually around 13 euros more expensive, but not really comparable because of the poor material properties. Who buys cheap definitely buys twice here.

Competitors who offer the glass stoppers made of two glued plates charge 20 euros and claim that these variants are 100% glass, for example. Only this is not the case when an adhesive is used between the panes, is it? We manufacture the glass stoppers from one piece of glass and thus (except for the black coating on the back of the glass) no other material is used. So we can say“100% glass“, because we don’t use XX% glass + XX% glue, which then holds the two glass slices together.

In general, everything that makes gecleant.de is easy to copy – including the packaging, the adhesive, texts and whatever else you can quickly copy to benefit. But quality and understanding of tuning cannot be copied. It is important for us to make a fair offer for all tuning friends and to produce the best possible wiper hole plug, because only the best glass plug on the market we would have installed ourselves on our cleared cars. 🙂

One more thing: in our manufactory we make everything ourselves. We only purchase the coated raw material (float glass) and have it cut into rounds of various diameters on a water jet machine before the actual CNC processing, which we then finish. Production, packaging, shipping, merchandise management – all Made in Germany.

The 5 Euro surcharge for the original from gecleant.de – the glass stopper from the inventor of the rear wiper covers – you pay for significantly longer durability, significantly better workmanship and optics… AND the good feeling of having bought the original – not a cheap imitation on Ebay, Amazon, or from random people with no ideas of their own.

Thank you for your trust!

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Glass stopper for Audi photo review
Santeri Paloniemi
26. July 2022
Excellent product
The fit and appearance are really good. Strong recommendation!

Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

Reply from Stefan:
Thank u SO much for ur time and effort to review our de-wiper kit... i love your pictures and the feedback. THANKS!!!
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