Made-to-measure glass stoppers

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YES, we can supply a suitable plug for your vehicle, but we have not yet had the necessary dimensions or have not yet been able to sufficiently verify them.

How do we verify the fit of our products?

We take digital measurements on several tailgates of the vehicle type in question and then determine the average diameter of the wiper hole (vertical and horizontal). The slice thickness also varies slightly. We test all values with reference customers and if the feedback is consistently positive, the wiper hole plug is integrated into our shop as a product.

What to do if your car is not listed

Since we are a manufactory with our own production, we can Glass stopper from 20-40mm custom-made for the rear wiper holes. What we need for this is the size of the wiper hole.

Here you can order a custom-made product by specifying your actual hole diameter yourself. Please measure horizontally and vertically and the smallest Enter value! We then subtract 0.3 – 0.6mm from this dimension (this varies a little depending on production) and then deliver you a corresponding wiper hole plug according to your wishes.


  1. You measures on your car vertically 23.58mm and horizontally 23.13mm with a digital caliper.
  2. Here you choose 23mm as a made-to-measure size.
  3. We manufacture your stopper with 22.4 – 22.7mm.

Your measured wiper hole diameter (in mm) is:

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