Pay 35 euros >>> get 30 euros back?*

Hi guys.

We have changed some things on the website in the last few days because the Google search once again places new demands on multilingual content. That was… so… medium. : D

Particular attention was paid to the page speed. The pages should load much faster now and I would be happy if you would do some tests. If you have any problems, please call.


Since the campaign has been around for a while, but somehow fewer and fewer people are taking advantage of the offer, here is a brief reminder in the article: if you remove the rear window wiper and close the hole in the rear window with a glass plug, then it doesn’t just look perfect clean out, no, it only costs 5 euros. For this please on account -> Take a look at the review and read how you can get 30 euros from your order as a voucher and save 30 euros on the next one! Here is the information.


PS: We are now from 16.04. – 23.04. short Easter break. Everything that was open until then was sent yesterday. If you have any questions, please contact us from April 24th. call.


Also available in: German French Italian Japanese Spanish Norwegian Turkish Danish

All BACK in STOCK 1st week of june


Hi there… we managed to get everything back in stock. Refill will be next week on Monday and shipments start on Wednesday. Be quick as we are limited in production right now especially regarding the new glue and have a little backlog as well. Thank you for your patience…