150 New vehicles // Happy New Year // What is planned for 2023?

Hi, we hope you had a wonderful time between Christmas and New Year! We gave away 20 free de-wiper windshield wiper clearing kits (wiper delete kit) via Instagram, and hopefully the lucky ones will be in touch soon with a photo of the removed wiper in their rear window!

This year we are planning to redesign our website. Especially the compatibility with Chrome and Safari is still expandable. The latest changes in the Content Security Policy had shot down some parts of the templates and so it was partly not possible to click on “Order” which of course was mega be…. is. If you notice something like this, please contact us – we will try to fix the problems as soon as possible. Basically, you should be able to buy glass rear wiper covers from us from all terminals easy.


We were able to add 152 new vehicles to the fleet. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the rear wiper holes are not yet verified for all cars, so there may be some initial misdeliveries. please note that we deliver our de-wiper sets worldwide and then also gladly exchange non-fitting rear wiper plugs – only please do not damage the glass covers when you try them in the hole in the rear window of the car! Small tip to all with defective rear wiper -> simply replace with a glass plug from gecleant.de! 😉


152 new vehicles online

Here is the list of all new models:

Also available in: German French Italian Japanese Spanish Norwegian Turkish Danish

All BACK in STOCK 1st week of june


Hi there… we managed to get everything back in stock. Refill will be next week on Monday and shipments start on Wednesday. Be quick as we are limited in production right now especially regarding the new glue and have a little backlog as well. Thank you for your patience…