Golden autumn … but unfortunately without a phone

Hello! After our summer vacation we will be in touch with a slightly longer update:

1. The time has now come that the 3G transmission masts have been dismantled and we therefore unfortunately do not have a VOIP landline number for our cell phone. As a result, the landline number is unfortunately no longer available. We have already installed a LAN connection with a telephone socket and will immediately arrange for a replacement to make the outage as short as possible. In order to improve availability, we have planned more frequent online chat times. So take a look here and when the green “Live Chat Online” button is visible, someone will be there for you personally.

2. A suitable plug will soon be available for the current Opel models (Corsa 2021, for example). That took longer because the hole was a little below our minimum possible milling dimension. We have renewed some tools and adapted the CNC control and hope to be able to deliver the usual good quality even with the smallest hole diameter for the rear window.

3. The mentioned price adjustment is almost there – so if you still want to buy something at old prices, you should hurry up. The change in material and the associated increase in costs make this step inevitable. In return, everyone now benefits from the darker, somewhat more expensive material, which in the end means an even cleaner “rear” on the vehicle for everyone.

4. After the baby and summer vacation, some e-mails and support inquiries have built up. Please be patient, we will work through all inquiries one after the other and everyone will get an answer. Sorry if it takes a while …

5. We will redesign the website again and use the quieter autumn / winter early days for this. So there can be failures from time to time. Please just have a look later if something doesn’t work out.

Have a nice week too …



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