Hi! As announced in the last post, we are changing our product range.

From now on we will manufacture all new stoppers from the darker (more expensive) material. This means that the previously possible selection “tinted” or “standard” is no longer available for 80% of our glass wiper covers. The “Tinted” reference on the packaging will then be removed the next time the product packaging is revised.

So far, the tinted version was more expensive. We have decided to raise the price for a complete “Wiper-Kill-Kit” (glass cover, cleaner, adhesive, shipping) from 30, – (32.50 tinted) to 35, – Euro. Internationally, it costs 37.50 euros.

At this point, a first big thank you Marcel K. that made me think about stickers. So far, I was of the opinion that you should remove the wiper because you want everything back there nicely tidied up and CLEAN. I always found a sticker in the place where the rear window wiper was before as counterproductive – emphasizes what is actually good because it’s gone. 😉

Anyway … after some thought, I’ll be stocking up on a few handcrafted stickers, and the idea is that we’ll add a few incentives to them. I’ll give Marcel some of the stickers and stoppers for his buddies (recommendations). If the recommended customer builds the stopper and installs the glue and advertises it on Insta bissl, the stopper and the glue don’t cost him anything. Let’s see how it works … if the feedback is good, I will extend it to other good customers.

More on that later …

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