How To: Dismantling the rear window wiper using the example of the Volkswagen Golf VI

The whole procedure can be broken down into threeparts:

– Disassembly of the wiper

– Disassembly of the wiper motor

– the installation of the plug


1. Disassembly of the wiper.

Lift the cap on the wiper arm and loosen the M10 nut.


Then fold up the wiper arm and move it gently in different directions.


The wiper arm should now detach from the cone of the motor shaft.



2. Disassembly of the wiper motor

Disconnect the vehicle battery.

Open the tailgate and remove the lower tailgate panel.

To do this, remove the two Torx T20 screws in the recessed grip.



Slide a plastic wedge under the panel. It is best to start at the bottom of the tailgate edge. Pull the panel with a little force. Leave the spring clips in place (8 pieces). The tailgate spring clips are located there (interior view).


It can always break something, but at ambient temperatures above 20 ° C there should be no problem.

Then remove the tailgate trim from the window trim. Now you will see the wiper motor.


Disconnect the cables from the wiper motor.


Secure the loose cables to an existing wiring harness with cable ties.


Then loosen the three screws and carefully remove the wiper motor from the tailgate.



3. The installation of the plug

Thoroughly clean the disc and stopper beforehand with a solvent-free cleaner.
Then pull a narrow bead of adhesive / adhesive strip approx. 1mm from the edge of the hole onto the window from the inside.
Then press the carefully cleaned stopper into the hole from the inside and align the stopper.

Hints: There must not be too much adhesive on the window so that it does not come into contact with the visible surface of the plug when it is pressed in. However, it should be sufficient to enable continuous bonding all around.


If a bit of glue oozes out on the inside, that’s not so bad, you can spread it around the stopper and thus provide additional support. (the rest of the glue in the 3g tube is also suitable for this)


Wait until the window adhesive has completely hardened. Assemble the tailgate trim in reverse order. Make sure that the spring clips are correctly seated.

Enjoy the clean look of the car!


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