Turn 1 into 9 languages – Multilingual De-Wiper Products made in Germany

For the last three days we have been busy translating the content that was previously only stored in several languages on the pages / system level. Unfortunately, there were some very unsightly system errors that changed pricing or “destroyed” entire products. Keeping the many subsystems together is quite an exhausting affair and we hope all restrictions are now removed. If you have problems ordering, please write to support@gecleant.de.

Our glass stoppers are now in NINE LANGUAGES available. That makes 113 products * 9 = 1019 Rear wiper covers made of glass for 36 vehicle manufacturers and roughly 1,000 models therein.

We are currently trying to rework all errors – so please be patient if the illustrations do not yet match.

Oh, and you can leave feedback directly – the term “rear wiper cover” is certainly not translated properly in Japanese and it would be helpful if native speakers support us in using the correct terms. Here is a list of terms that we would like to have translated into “real speech”:

  • Rear wiper cover
  • Wiper hole plug
  • Glasstopfen
  • Rear wiper plug
  • De-wiper kit
  • wiper
  • Rear wiper

Do you help Great, then click on the little icon in the language right and let us know what can be different / better. THANKS!


Also available in: German French Italian Japanese Spanish Norwegian Turkish Danish